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At DeconRecon, we are happy to receive claps, comments and criticisms – we are greedy like that. Whether you agree or disagree with our points, we’d love to hear from you.

What we do not take are inflammatory, off-topic, name-calling and trolling comments. The soapbox space under each post is meant for robust discussions and sharing of thoughts, not for winning arguments. Hence, we ask our readers to accord each other the respect and opportunity for expression that you would want from others too. Say your piece, but don’t shatter the peace.

Please note that each comment is moderated and will not appear immediately on the site. This is to weed out spams, trolls and short statements that do not add to the discussion (eg. “First post!” or “Meh”) – we know you can do better, people.

NOTE: There may be a chance that your comments are caught in our spam filter and are automatically deleted (this is rare, but stranger things have happened). If your comments are stuck in our spam filtering system, please contact us to sort it out. You can email with the subject heading “TECH SUPPORT: COMMENTS”.

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DeconRecon reserves the right to edit or delete comments at our sole discretion.

Phew, with that out of the way, we’d like to welcome you on board. Go forth and multiply (the discussion)!

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