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Searching finds new grounds of storytelling | Review

Searching is one of the best recent movies about technology.

It’s also an effective mystery/thriller that is gripping and engaging; the type that lays down its breadcrumbs calculatedly so you follow and get lost and find your way back again, though not so vague that savvy audiences can’t figure things out on their own. But it’s the movie’s relationship with technology that I find most fascinating, and what essentially starts out as a gimmick eventually elevates the film into new storytelling grounds.


Mirai is a loving (and thoughtful) tribute to family | Review

Mirai is like a duvet. A large, white, fluffy duvet. It looks simple, yes, but it is also expectedly cosy and lovely. There are simple joys to be found here – the type of joy you bring the family to. It’s one of those 800-thread-count duvets that everyone can just dive right in and feel all tingly and warm.

But this is a Mamoru Hosoda film, which means that you can dig deep into its fillings and come out with a thoughtful, meditative look at family and bonds