Mirai is a loving (and thoughtful) tribute to family | Review

Mirai is like a duvet. A large, white, fluffy duvet. It looks simple, yes, but it is also expectedly cosy and lovely. There are simple joys to be found here – the type of joy you bring the family to. It’s one of those 800-thread-count duvets that everyone can just dive right in and feel all tingly and warm.

But this is a Mamoru Hosoda film, which means that you can dig deep into its fillings and come out with a thoughtful, meditative look at family and bonds


The meaning of Netflix’s Annihilation

What’s the meaning of Alex Garland’s 2018 science-fiction movie Annihilation? A lot of things, actually. And what it means may differ from me and you.

That’s probably not the answer you’re looking for. I’m not sure that there’s a true answer. When we talk about films like Annihilation, we need to accept that some films have multiple meanings.